Aldi has come to north Texas, and this story in the Dallas Morning News describes the market entry of the German discount retailer. From the story:

By KIM PIERCE / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

The first 11 of the 27 Aldi stores planned for North Texas this spring open Thursday(mid-March). Aldi held a sneak peek at the Frankford-Marsh store in Far North Dallas earlier this week, where folks got to look but not buy.

The discount grocer strips down the shopping experience to no-frills, rock-bottom prices. You pay a quarter to get a cart, and it's refunded when the cart's returned. There are no disposable bags; bring your own or buy a reusable bag.

Most of Aldi's products are house brands, manufactured by leading food producers, according to press materials. But packaging often mimics the real thing: La Missa chocolate syrup is a ringer for Hershey's, and Aunt Maple's pancake mix and syrup bring Aunt Jemima to mind.

More interesting than the boilerplate standard issue story of the store openings are the the reader commenternets that follow. With a few exceptions, customers of Aldi love the savings. From those readers:

I have shopped this store several times in Germany and in the US and I love it. It's economical and if you're lucky enough to get one that sells beer and wine, they're just as good as the brands they mimic.

I have shopped at aldi for two years in Oklahoma and LOVE everything there, especially the savings! The meat is great, we enjoy yhe chuck roasts and pork loins. Fresh vegetables are abundant! But you must remember that they don't always have everything in stock so you need to learn to adjust you shopping list. Some of our favorites are: sunflower seed bread, frozen shrimp and mahi mahi, rice milk, peanut puffs, whole grain tortilla chips and cheeses. When you find something at a bargain, stock up and freeze if you can. I currently have a freezer of goat cheese, lobster, ciabatta bread and mango chinks! Enjoy Aldi, Dallas!

We viewed these stores in Fl.... not worth a visit.... walmart and other retailers ....better quality... better prices..... waste of trip.

Not everyone is cut out for the Aldi experience. Yet those north Texans who are attracted to maximum  bargains will someday find themselves smack the middle of an Aldi - and loving it.