We flew the flag, grilled brats and attended an outdoor fireworks show in downtown Kansas City. Oh yeah, we also consumed our fair share of produce over the weekend, including cherries, strawberries, a veggie platter and blueberries among other assorted items. Alas, no watermelon I am sad to say. Not bad produce consumption on our part,  but for the official USDA version of what was hot at retail we defer to the USDA National Retail Report. From the report:

Advertised Prices for Fruits & Vegetables at Major Retail Supermarket Outlets 06/26 to 07/081,

July 4th celebrations were the focus of retail ads this week with everything from grilling meats to party supplies highlighted in red, white and blue themed advertisements.

As was the case last year, sweet corn was the number one produce item with other picnic favorites like seedless watermelon and cherries also making the top 5. Bakery items like cookies and cupcakes, buns for hotdogs, along with all the other celebration trimmings were highlighted this week.

Corn, peaches, cherries, seedless watermelon, and sweet onions made up the top 5 featured produce item this week. Strawberries and nectarines completed the top 5 fruit items.

Fruit ads made up 59% of all produce ads, up 8% from last week, with the top 5 fruit items accounting for 52% of all fruit ads. Along with corn and sweet onions, tomatoes on-the-vine, zucchini squash, and tomatoes completed the top 5 vegetable items and accounted for 58% of all vegetable ads.

Vegetables ads were up 9% and overall produce ads were up 8% compared to last week. Additionally, over 15,000 stores had seasonal berries(blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) on ad. Limes were leading fruit items higher in price than a year ago at 64% with cherries at 4% higher.

Avocados were 29% lower with grapes at 14%, watermelon (whole seedless) 9%, mangoes at 6%, peaches at 4%, strawberries at 3%, pineapples and nectarines at 2% and plum 1% lower than last year. Cantaloups were unchanged from a year ago.

The major vegetable items were higher in price than a year ago included zucchini squash at 15% and sweet yellow onions at 9%. Corn was down 8% with tomatoes down 3% and tomatoes on-the-vine down 1%. As used here, major (or leading) ad items are defined as being regularly surveyed items that were featured in 3,000+ stores for the week.