I “tweeted” about this, but thought I would again like to express my wonderment at the audacious and condescending attitude of my friendly rival, Jim Prevor. The Perishable Pundit, in his June 16 edition, headlines his first segment with this headline:

 Got Produce? Schnuck’s Mike O’Brien Tries To Add “Balance”

That fairly smacks of condescension to start with. For those of you in Rio Linda (a nod toward Rush Limbaugh), the use of quote marks around a word “tends” to cast doubt on its true meaning. But wait, there’s more. The icing on the cake is this comment from Jim:

We should start out by saying that Mike O’Brien is an honest and good man who has long toiled to advance the industry.

TK: You’re kidding me, right? Jim has no lack of effusive praise for Mike, but I find this opening offensive in the extreme. For one thing, this compliment seems to be a backhanded way of the Pundit saying, “Mike O’Brien made the mistake of disagreeing with me - and he will pay - but let me soften the blow with gratuitous praise.”

 Mike O’Brien doesn’t need the platitudes of Jim in this debate about a generic promotion board for fruits and vegetables, nor does he need references to the “sacrifices of his wife Theresa” and his “countless hours” his given to PMA and the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

For truly fair and balanced dialogue, I urge the Pundit to follow The Packer’s example and print comments to his blog as they are submitted without biographical commentary of the author and line by line deconstruction. If the Pundit follows through with my challenge, I will be the first one to comment on his praiseworthy character qualities, the sacrifices of his wife and the countless hours he devoted to his blog.