This is the time of year we expect various lists of the "top trends" of 2011, and we are not disappointed. In the inbox today, an email from boldly predicted the top ten food trends for 2011 The tag line read "From simplicity to sex - food values are changing.'

You had me at hello...

Here are some excerpts from the Top Ten, the 23rd edition from The Food Channel.  Look for more detail at

The Food Channel Top 10 Trends for 2011

1. The Canning Comeback – “Putting Up” is gaining popularity for both economy and health.

2. Men in Aprons – Layoffs have led to more men cooking.

3. Local Somewhere – We care about hand-tended no matter where it’s grown.

4. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – We’re tired of being told what we can eat.

5. Appetite for Food Apps – Social media is our guide and our coupon source.

6. Small is the New Big Business – Corporations are thinking like small businesses.

7. Fresh Every Day – Rooftop gardens are just part of this trend.

8. Chefs in Schools – Better flavor is possible in an institutional setting.

9. Discomfort Foods – Change makes us comfortable with more change.

10. Eating for Sex and Other Things – We are working longer, and want all the gusto.

The web site also has a list of the Top Ten Foods to Watch in 2011... Notice a couple of produce items on the list, among the small pies, sausage, nutmeg (aphrodisiac), moonshine, gourmet ice pops (bacon flavored!),  grits, fn fish, beans and these two fruit and vegetable items:

#7. Sweet Potatoes. These super-nutritious tubers will be orange-hot in 2011. They’ll be especially molten as the alternative, better-for-you french fry.

#9. Cupuaçu fruit. This is quite possibly the next superfruit, following in the footsteps of the acai fruit. Both are from the Brazilian rainforest. Cupuaçu has a number of antioxidants and minerals, and is considered a natural source of energy. We tasted it in a Brazilian candy that had us craving more. Speaking of candy, you might also watch for Brigadeiro. This sweet Brazilian candy is made by mixing sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder. It's usually rolled into ball and coated in granulated sugar, but it can also take on other flavors. It's the national truffle of Brazil. Look for it to come to our shores in 2011.

Look for more detail at