I have an "official" Gen X mom produce source and I asked her to check out the Produce for Better Health web site, particularly the page that contains the "More Matters pledge."

Here is her impression:

I checked out the pledge (and took the middle one, the "fill half your plate"). The Gen X moms that I hang with in our suburban, educated, middle/upper class area already know and DO this stuff. I do, too.

It's just instinctive to always have fruits/vegs around the kitchen and to have a fruit at breakfast, fruit/veg w/lunch and vegs w/dinner.

Delving further into the list offered "top 10 reasons why they are important" (old news, know that already), but the recipe section probably appeals to moms like me who cook meals, as opposed to eating out (a good tie in w/saving $!).

Although it's been done in other publications already, a list of good "take-out," delivery or restaurant choices for busy families might be a good choice? The ask-an-expert s also probably good. People are often confused about nutrition.

This info. -- if in a very general form -- is probably better provided "geographically," i.e. other socioeconomic areas? Perhaps moms in different communities wouldn't be as educated about the importance (of fruits and veggies), etc.?? Just my opinion, though!

The first-take impression by our helpful Gen X mom points to the reality that not all moms (and dads) have the same starting point for information needs. Not everything included on the PBH web site can be useful for all.

Perhaps creating customized sites that appeal specifically to a more targeted socio-economic segment is worth considering. Obviously, a lower income Gen-Y mom may different concerns (cost of produce, for example) than a more economically secure Gen-X mom.

Thanks to our Gen X mom giving her input on the outreach efforts by the hard-working staff at PBH.