Of course you remember Gen X Mom Sarah, who has helped me out with blog posts about the Dirty Dozen and the whys and wherefores of organic produce shopping.

I recently asked The Packer's designated Gen X Mom to describe some new produce items she and her friends have tried in recent weeks. Here a few notes on the new items:

Gen X Mom Sarah writes: "I've bought 3 things recently: Rainbow Crunch carrots (basically baby carrots in varying shades of purple, orange and yellow -- a cool novelty! Korean pears -- my kids love them...like a juicy apple! And I just bought plantain today -- my 3 are crazy for it!"

From other moms:

-- Kale: "We've had it before but are trying to eat things Dr. Oz says to eat." She cooked it with garlic and oil which is what the produce guy said to do with it. My boys wouldn't try it, and my husband liked it okay ... but hard to imagine us eating all the time!"

--Tomatillos: "I recently tried making my own salsa verde. It was yummy!"

-- Swiss chard: "For some reason I've been buying a lot of greens lately."

-- Red & Yellow peppers: "We just love these and get more color in our diets."

-- Shallots: "Not really new but different from our norm."

--Broccoli Rabe: "I had this at a restaurant recently and then bought some for my family." 

Thanks to Gen X Mom Sarah and friends...

By the way, the National Restaurant Association reports the top produce trends in 2011 at dining establishments:

1. Locally grown produce

2. Organic produce

3. Superfruits (acai, goji berry, mangosteen, purslane)

4. Heirloom beans

5. Exotic fruit (durian, passion fruit, dragon fruit, paw paw, guava)