I am doing some reporting this week on credit availability for grower-shippers, and one recent USDA report that speaks to the broader issues of farm income and credit is Agricultural Income and Finance Outlook, found at this link. From the report, a taste of the unsavory realities at the end of 2009.

All three measures of U.S. farm income are projected to decline in 2009—net farm income is projected to decline by 34.5 percent, net cash income by 28.4 percent, and net value added by 20 percent.

Of course, results vary by sector, and dairy farms are particularly hard hit right now. Developing.....

Meanwhile, what follows below are the latest "average days to pay" statistics from Red Book Credit Services, a sister company of The Packer. For more information about the numbers or the service, call the toll free line of 800 252 1925 or visit the Web site www.rbcs.com.