Give it up for peaches.

Advertised at more than 10,460 supermarkets, peaches were the most promoted produce item in the U.S. from July 3 to July 15, according to the USDA's July 9 retail report. The report said peaches accounted for 12% of all  retail fruit promotions and the average promoted price was $1.43 per pound, up from from $1.39 per pound the same week last year. The July 8 average f.o.b. price for San Joaquin Valley peaches in 25-pound carton boxes, size 48s to 50s, was $10-12 per carton, compared with $12-13 per carton the same day last year.

For the week ending July 4, California accounted for about 65% of total peach shipments, followed by South Carolina with 26% and Georgia with 8%. Through July 4, Season to date shipmeents of peaches from all origins was rated 7.24 million 25-pound cartons, 2.6% above year-ago levels. 

The summary of the USDA's retail report is below.

Post Independence Day ads remained focused on savings and summer fruit this week. Stone fruit, berries and melons highlighted most retail ads nationwide. Buy one, get one free, 10 for $10 and 5 for $5 were routinely seen throughout the country. Meats for the grill were still highlighted in many regions. Cherries from the Northwest, while still making the top 5 overall, were down 26% from this week last year in the number of advertised stores due to growing conditions this spring limiting crop size.

Seasonal berries (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries) once again made a strong showing at over 13,000 stores combined. Peaches, cantaloup, cherries, strawberries and grapes made up the top 5 featured produce item this week and the top 5 fruit items.

Fruit ads made up 61% of all produce ads, down 2% from last week, with the top 5 fruit items accounting for 50% of all fruit ads. Corn, tomatoes on-the-vine, baby carrots, green beans, and zucchini squash made up the top 5 vegetable items and accounted for 41% of all vegetable ads. Vegetables ads were down 9% and overall produce ads were down 5% compared to last week.

Cherries were leading fruit items higher in price than a year ago at 22% with mangoes and nectarines both at 4% and peaches at 3% higher. Avocados were 23% lower with grapes at 12%, watermelon (whole seedless) 3%, cantaloups at 2%, and strawberries at 1% lower than last year.

Plums were unchanged from a year ago. The major vegetable items were higher in price than a year ago included zucchini squash at 7% and mushrooms at 1%. Tomatoes on-the-vine were down 10%  the corn at 6%, carrots at 5% and green beans down 2% from last year. As used here, major (or leading) ad items are defined as being regularly surveyed items that were featured in 3,000+ stores for the week.

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