I recently asked Fresh Talk Gen X mom contributor Sarah Krause to look at moms' attitude about cherries. Part of her work I saved for later coverage, but here is Sarah's overview of what she found talking with more than a dozen moms about fresh cherries.

Taste of summer

By Sarah Krause

At this time of the year, I begin to look forward to upcoming summer produce: fresh homegrown zucchini, delicious ripe tomatoes, juicy peaches, picking our own blueberries and topping that list, cherries. I can hardly wait for the plump bags of cherries to show up in my local supermarket. Those first weeks, I will buy them no matter the price, just glad to have them again. Cherries are so delicious, summery and just make you feel happy. But I was surprised to hear that everyone isn’t as cheery about cherries.

I spoke with 13 of my mom friends, and discovered that, surprisingly, eight of them weren’t excited about cherries.

Stunned, I stammered my disbelief and asked why? “It’s been a thing since I was a kid. Even though they’re healthy, I can’t force myself to eat them,” says Chris, a mom of two boys. “We don’t buy them or eat them, mostly because I just don’t like them.” The next one wasn’t much different. “I’ve never been a cherry fan so I don’t buy them,” echoed Lee, a mom with four kids under the age of five. Gina, a mom of four who grew up in Tennessee, says she doesn’t buy cherries. “I didn’t grow up eating cherries, so I just don’t serve them to my family,” she said. “I don’t know what to do with them!”

Another mom seemed almost embarrassed that she didn’t buy them for her three kids, even though she herself likes cherries. “I like them okay. They’re definitely tastier than apples, but here’s the thing … they’re just too messy!” Shawna, mom of 3, agreed, saying cherries were too much of a hassle: “It’s just not worth the mess.”

Ok, I admit, cherries can be messy, and, yes, they can stain. But really: isn’t the taste worth it? “I do like them,” admitted Kristin, mom of two, “But nobody eats them (in our family) so I don’t buy them.” Another mom, Jennifer who has three children, said her kids love them, but she only buys cherries a couple times a year. “They’re not a staple at our house. I don’t like dealing with the pits.”

So it seems that the mess factor and the pits are, well, the pits. “They’re a pain to pit,” admits mom of two, Jessica. But she owns a cherry pitter and said “I pit them for my family – it’s quick and easy. We all only eat pit-less cherries!” Moms -- especially those with young kids -- would love a naturally-grown “pit-less” cherry, but that isn’t possible now. However, what do moms make of the possibility of a stem-less cherry? “That changes the identity of the fruit,” said Christy, a mom of two boys. She said without the stem, a cherry just wouldn’t be the same, the same way that grapes wouldn’t look the same if they weren’t in a cluster on a stem. “The stem is sort of what’s charming about a cherry.”

Karen, mom of one, is definitely charmed by cherries. “I LOVE cherries!” she emphatically proclaimed. “They represent summer to me. It makes me happy to have a big ‘ol bowl of them, but if I’m not watching, I’ll sit down and eat like 40 of them. I go into a little cherry trance!”

Now that’s living life with a cherry on top!