Arrival day here in Amsterdam, and most of the day was spent in rest and recovery from the long flight and then a bit of sightseeing around the city center. I took the opportunity to see the Anne Frank house and museum, which is heartbreaking and moving.

This evening the group of ten of us taking part in the Sustainability Initiative had a get to know you meeting/meet and greet in the evening, during which we heard from Marcel Vernooij, manager for agribusiness and the plant sector for the  Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture.

 In the back-and-forth exchange the group had with the ag official, it was interesting to hear questions like: How is sustainability defined? How do growers in the Netherlands feel about sustainability? Will retailers pay more "sustainable" farming methods? What is the role of non governmental organizations in the drive toward sustainability? How do retailers - and growers - view the involvement of NGOs?

As the week goes on,I'm looking forward to a more complete understanding of sustainability in Dutch agriculture and how they may relate to North America. Be sure to check out the The Sustainability Initiative web site and blog posts from other participants.