Just settling back in the office to catch up on some produce news and government reports of interest. First up, the USDA FAS Mexican Deciduous Fruit Annual. Check out the complete report here.

Here is the helpful summary that reveals the content within...

Apple production in Mexico for MY 2010/11 (August/July) is forecast at 540,000 metric tons (MT), a 3.7 percent decrease compared to MY 2009/10 production. Chihuahua, the main apple producing state, had a freeze in May that lowered production. Total pear production is forecast at 23,200 MT for MY 2010/11 (July/June), a marginal decrease from MY 2009/10.

Total table grape production for MY 2010/11 (May/April) is forecast to increase to 194,000 MT due to better overall yields. Harvesting began in May rather than the last week of April due to lower temperatures at the beginning of the season. Producers indicated, however, that the weather did not affect production. The United States remains the major supplier of deciduous fruits to Mexico. Retaliatory duties imposed on U.S. deciduous fruit is negatively affecting the volume demanded but the elimination of anti-dumping duties on certain