From the USDA's recent vegetable report, another sign of decline for domestic fresh asparagus production.

Production of the 2010 asparagus crop is forecast at 741,000 cwt, down 18 percent from 2009. Area harvested, at 28,000 acres, is down 4 percent from last year. Fresh production, at 621,000 cwt, declined 12 percent from 2009.
Processed production, at 6,000 tons, is down 39 percent from last year.

While domestic fresh production is fading, fresh imports of asparagus are moving on up.   The value of U.S. imports of asparagus from January through June this year is pegged at $238 million, up 41% from $169 million.

Check out this link for complete USDA statistics on asparagus.  One spreadsheet shows that the U.S. fresh asparagus production dropped from 1.37 million cwt. in 2001 to less than half of that today.

This is one commodity that stands in total defiance of the local food trend., and statistics seems to say that the trend won't change in the next few years.