The USDA issued its annual Fruit and Tree Nut Yearbook for 2010, and I've published a range of per capita use numbers from that report.

Total per capita use of selected fruit was 101.3 pounds in 2009, off from 102.8 pounds in 2004.  Among the good-news commodities, per capita use of strawberries rose from 5.5 pounds to 7.2 pounds, and per capita numbers for pineapple rose form 4.4  pounds to 5.1 pounds.

Avocados also did well, with per capita use numbers gaining a full pound from 2004 to 2009 - from 3.1 pounds to 4.1 pounds. Grapes also rose, from 7.8 pounds in 2004 to 7.9 pounds per capita use in 2009.

On the downside, apple production sagged (all comparisons are 2009 to 2004) from 18.8 pounds to 16.4 pounds, bananas came off from 25.8 pounds to 24.7 pounds, oranges slid from 10.8 pounds to 9.1 pounds and grapefruit dropped from 4.1 pounds to an alarming 2.8 pounds.