In honor of the summer wedding season, the FDA would also ask the industry to speak now or forever hold its peace. Not really, of course, but it would like some input on the issue of fresh produce safety. A note from FDA press officer Sebastian Cianci:

You may wish to remind your readers that on July 23rd the docket FDA opened to receive information about current practices and conditions for the production and packing of fresh produce and practical approaches to improving produce safety will be closing.

The FDA encourages all interested persons to submit information they believe will help in the development of
safety standards for fresh produce at the farm and packing house, as well as strategies and cooperative efforts to ensure compliance with those standards. The success of our produce safety efforts depends on the feedback and comments we receive from growers and other produce safety stakeholders.

(The original docket was open until May 24 but the comment periods was extended until July 23rd)

Original Press Release: