The Environmental Protection Agency has expanded the label for Rimon 0.83 EC Insecticide from Chemtura Corp. of Middlebury, Conn., to include tomatoes. It already was registered on a host of other fruits and vegetables.

Among the pests the insect growth regulator targets are worms. It also suppresses several other immature pests, including whiteflies, thrips, stink bugs and plant bugs.

The active ingredient is novaluron, a chitin inhibitor that interferes with the development and molting of insects, according to a news release. It works best when applied from egg hatch to second instar. The IGR has little effect on beneficial insects and does not flare mites.

The label recommends ground application at the rate of 12 ounces of product per acre, with a maximum of three applications per site per season. It cannot be applied within 75 feet of waterways, and all applications must include a 25-foot vegetative buffer within the buffer zone.