Tropical Storm Fay crossed Florida Tuesday and Wednesday drenching the citrus industry but not leaving significant damage.

“We were very concerned as Fay approached the state. We’ve been through this a few too many times over the past four years,” says Mike Sparks, executive vice president and chief executive officer of Florida Citrus Mutual, Lakeland, in a news release. “Fortunately, the storm did not strengthen to a point where it could cause major damage to our crop.

“We got much needed rain from the storm; however there are isolated pockets of standing water that could cause some problems, especially in the Indian River region where we had reports of 13 inches of rain. Despite that situation, we came out of this in pretty good shape.”

Sparks says Fay did not cause a significant amount of fruit to drop to the ground. Wind from the storm was not strong enough to uproot trees, he says.

“This is a very fluid situation, so we are still assessing the total impact,” Sparks says. "Hopefully, this is the last major storm to hit Florida for a long time. The citrus harvest is right around the corner and we are primed for a good season and a quality crop.”