The spotted wing drosophila, a fruit fly that prefers ripening fruit over decaying fruit, has been found in two locations in Hillsborough County.

In California, where it's been found in nearly two dozen counties, it has caused significant damage to berries along the Pacific coast.

The pest also has been confirmed in Washington state.

Two separate male spotted wing drosophila, known scientifically as Drosophila suzzukii, were picked up in multi-lure traps on residential properties, according to a news release from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Inspectors plan to conduct delimiting surveys, radiating out from each trap find, to gain more information.

In the Salinas County berry growing region of California, the pest has damaged strawberries as well as caneberries and cherries, according to University of California information.

Most fruit flies favor decaying fruit on which to lay their eggs.

But the spotted wing drosophila favors fruit that is just maturing.

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